Pathways to Proficiency

Challenge traditional grading practices and adopt a new, more effective grading model for students. This book provides the pathway for implementing evidence-based grading practices in schools through a straightforward, five-phase creative model: (1) preparation, (2) incubation, (3) insight, (4) evaluation, and (5) elaboration. Readers will follow a hypothetical curriculum team’s journey through each phase of this process.


  • Recognize the challenges that can impede efforts to change grading practices.
  • Consider research that can help shape individualized, valuable professional learning experiences.
  • Identify the concepts and perspectives to which curriculum team members must commit, to successfully adopt evidence-based grading practices. 
  • Discover the important relationships between learning targets and grading, feedback and instruction, assessment and grading, and gradebooks and learning.
  • Review valuable key points for each phase in the creative model for pursuing evidence-based grading.

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Proficiency Based Assessment

With this user-friendly resource, K–12 teachers will discover how to close the gaps between assessment, curriculum, and instruction by replacing outmoded assessment methods with proficiency-based assessments. Learn the essentials of proficiency-based assessment, investigate why this kind of assessment has a key relationship with teaching and learning, and explore evidence-based strategies for successful implementation.


  • Follow a curriculum team’s journey through the process of learning about and implementing proficiency-based assessment.
  • Discover how the phases in the proficiency-based assessment implementation process relate to each other and how each is important.
  • Understand the causes of learning gaps.
  • Study the commitments, unexpected combinations, insights, decisions, and assertions related to proficiency-based assessment.
  • Examine the types of assessment that teachers need to use and fully grasp in order to create harmonious assessment environments.

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Leading by Design

An Action Framework for PLC at Work™ Leaders

By focusing on what students learn rather than what they are taught, schools can redefine their mission and begin the transition to a professional learning community. After interviewing and observing principals, administrators, and teachers, the authors identify seven leadership practices that effective PLC leaders share, along with the techniques that have led them to sustainable success.


  • Examine the seven leadership practices of highly effective PLC leaders.
  • Build a clear and effective leadership framework.
  • Gain insight from teachers, principals, and administrators.
  • Face the challenges of unhealthy and unproductive collaborative teams.
  • Pinpoint the specific strengths and strategies of successful leaders and teams.
  • Learn not only how to develop your own leadership, but also how to promote a culture of leadership.

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The Collaborative Teacher

Working Together as a Professional Learning Community

The time of exclusive top-down leadership is over! Only teachers can transform education from inside the classroom, and this book defines best practices of collaborative teacher leadership. Specific techniques, supporting research, expert insight, and real classroom stories illustrate how to work together for student learning, create a guaranteed and viable curriculum, and use data to inform instruction.

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The Collaborative Administrator

Working Together as a Professional Learning Community

In a culture of shared leadership, the administrator's role is more important than ever. How do you maintain the right balance of loose and tight leadership? How do you establish profound, lasting trust? What principles strengthen principal leadership? This book answers these questions and more in compelling chapters that deliver the strategies and heartfelt inspiration essential to being the best administrator you can be.

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